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Museum of Youth Culture

The Rusty Pin has collaborated with The Museum of Youth Culture to provide an online educational pin badge archive that charts important moments in youth culture history.

Badges have been showcased at pop-up events and used to create merchandise for the museum. 

Badge Making Workshops

We offer badge-making workshops with a historical focus on DIY culture and self-expression. They are perfect for team bonding exercises and all materials are supplied by us. Send an email to to organised a workshop.


Collaborations and Publications

The Rusty Pin has collaborated with magazines, museums, and publications. As experts on pin badge history and countercultural fashion, we are always happy to provide guidance or collaborate. 

Hire Badges

Our badges are available for hire for photoshoots and films. With a vast collection of thousands of pin badges ranging from music, protest, biker, and advertising we can supply you with a unique collection for any project.

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