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Badge promoting 'Snuff Rock' the 1977 EP by English comedy rock band Alberto y Lost Trios. Featuring the songs "Kill", "Gobbing On Life", "Snuffin' Like That", "Snuffin' In A Babylon" (1977) 38mm approx. Made by Stiff Records, good condition.


The band performed the musical spoof play Sleak (aka Snuff Rock) at London's Royal Court Theatre and Round House. The accompanying EP, "Snuff Rock", released on Stiff Records and poked fun at the punk rock phenomenon, targeting the Sex Pistols ("Gobbing On Life"), The Damned ("Kill") and The Clash ("Snuffin' Like That") as well as reggae bands in "Snuffin' In A Babylon".


They became a popular support act, supporting Hawkwind on their 1974 tour. The group mercilessly parodied the major rock names of the 1970s – "Anadin" was a reworking of Lou Reed's "Heroin". By 1975 they were topping the bill with a host of famous supports: The Stranglers, Devo, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, The Clash, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, The Slits, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, The Dictators, The Jam, Siouxsie and The Banshees, and Blondie. 

1970s Vintage Pin Badge

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