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Limited Edition Christmas Lucky Bags!

The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Lucky Bags are a nostalgic throw back to childhood and are filled with a variety of unexpected and exciting Rusty Pin goodies.

Choose a genre from Rock, Punk, Metal, Alt Rock or Indie.

Lucky bag come in two sizes, Standard and Extra Special and are assembled from a great variety of vintage material including badges, patches, stickers, key rings, postcards, trading cards, and some fun and tacky extras like temporary tattoos and confetti. Great value for money!


Standard Lucky Bags contain 1 badge, 1 patch, 1 postcard or sticker and other little goodies


Extra Special Lucky Bags will contain 2-3 badges (depending on rarity), 1 patch, 1 postcard or sticker and another mystery item such as a keyring, gig ticket, vintage trading card as well as other little goodies

Add a personalised gift message if you wish, or list a few of your favourite bands and I will do my best to cater to them.

Christmas Lucky Bag

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