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The 'I'm A Mess' badge was popularised having been worn by Wrestless Erics and Sid Vicious along with countless others in the punk scene.


The badge was given away with a record of the same name by Stormtrooper, a band from the Isle of White who sold around 3000 records around London in 1977, two years after they had written the song. Free 'I'm A Mess' promo badges were given away with the single and are now very scare. 


This handmade reproduction of the iconic 'I'm a Mess' pin badge is printed on found vintage paper with natural ageing. The off white tone and random age spots pay homage to an original badge from the period. Each badge is slightly different due to changes in the paper and is attached onto a plastic pin back. 


Available in the original 50mm size or smaller 32mm.


Limited numbers only. 

Bootleg Reproduction of ‘I’m A Mess’ Punk Badge

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